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Published Article
3/22/2012 A Tale of Two Truckers...
Why shopping for trucking companies to move your car based on price, is a really bad idea.
6/20/2011 Are all Australians this Crazy?
I swear, in the 25 years I’ve been doing this I think I've seen it all and then the phone rings ...
6/25/2010 Ten Sacred rules to Safely Buying a Car Long-Distance
The top ten things every buyer should do before contemplating a long-distance purchase.
3/1/2006 Scammers on eBay! and Other Auction Sites
How to avoid getting ripped off.
10/4/2005 The Restorers Trap
Are they the new ‘Bad Boys’ of the Collector Car hobby?
10/1/2005 Mileage - does it really matter?
This always makes me smile…
9/1/2005 How to Learn a Car's Story
Secrets to finding out the truth!
4/25/2004 A Fool and His Money...
Where Classic Car Buyers Go Wrong.
3/23/2004 The Truth About Car Buying on eBay
and Other Online Auctions
3/1/2004 Experts
When it comes to Collector Cars - Do they really exist?
2/28/2004 America's Most Wanted Classic Cars!
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.
2/21/2004 America's Most Wanted Classic Cars
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.
12/4/2003 10 Classic Cars you can buy that will make you money!
10/31/2003 Buy Your Dream Car With Someone Else’s Money!
...then sell it for a profit !
7/8/2003 Collector Car Dealer Arrested!
Over 25 complaints levied against Car Dealer.
2/28/2003 Most Wanted: 6-10
The Top 10 Most Desired Cars in America.
11/1/2002 How to Haggle With the Pros and Win!
Learn the Secrets of Better Bargaining.
9/1/2002 Buying a Non-Runner
Instant gratification when short on cash!
7/17/2002 CARFAX ® Reports
What you don’t know about these reports can definitely hurt you!
1/17/2002 Most Wanted: 6-10
The Top 10 Most Desired Cars in America.
1/17/2002 America's Most Wanted Classic Cars for 2001!
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.
2/1/2001 Going Once, Going Twice...
Insider tricks to snag a bargain at auction!
12/20/2000 America's Most Wanted Classic Cars for 2000!
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.
8/10/2000 New 'Retro cars' boost Classic Car values!
Is yours now worth more money?
7/18/2000 How to Buy a Car Long Distance!
10 easy steps to come out on top!
7/5/2000 5 British Sports Cars going cheap!
Buy 'em now while you can!
7/1/2000 Is your Classic Car worth stealing?
Learn which classic cars the thieves are after!
7/1/2000 The Truth About 'Rust-Free' California Cars!
What the dealers don't want you to know...
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