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Transportation Services Tell the time anywhere in the world! Convert USD to any other currency! Locate a place anywhere in the world! See what others say about a business listed on this page - or post a testimonial of your own!

There are a number of companies that offer transportation services to collect your car from the seller and deliver it to the docks. Like shipping companies, Auto Transportation companies also offer you two ways to get the vehicle moved. Driving it on an 'open' car carrier or transporting it inside an enclosed trailer. In our opinion both forms have their usage, we generally make the call based on the value and condition of the car. Naturally, 'enclosed' is the more expensive, but it's also safer. On occasions, truck drivers will stop over night and leave the carrier unattended. There is a third way to transport a car that is sometimes used, and that is to pay someone to physically drive the car to the docks, you can ask the particular transportation company if they offer this service, so do, some don't. This method is fine if the port isn't too far away, typically these drivers carry their own insurance which, should damage or theft occur, would cover the cost of the car. A fourth possibility is transport by Railroad. Within the United States though, we can not recommend it.
On the subject of cost. Prices for moving vehicles across the United States can vary quite a bit. One factor to consider is where the vehicle is to be picked up. If it's on a main route, then it's likely to be cheaper than if a driver has to make a big diversion to collect it. Also, transport companies, like airlines and shipping companies, hate empty spaces, so if it turns out that your car will fill a space that would otherwise go empty, chances are you'll get a deal!

As a guide, we suggest you budget $750-$1000 for coast to coast 'Open' transport, $1200-$1500 coast to coast 'Enclosed'. From the Mid-West to the nearest coast budget around $750 'open' and around $1000-$1200 'enclosed'. There are of course variables, but these numbers should put you in the 'Ball Park'.

It is almost always better if at all possible to get the car running and driving. It will make your life easier finding a transport company to pick it up, and some shippers won't touch cars that they can't drive onto the ship. If a car has been in storage a long time, ask the seller if he could recommend a local mechanic who could come out, put some fresh petrol in the car, charge the battery and get it going before the trucker picks it up.


There is one very important difference in trucking services that we feel you should be aware of. Some companies own and operate their own fleet of trucks. Although these companies are typically more expensive, they offer many advantages over those that don't. Most important is that they accept full liability for your vehicle whilst it is in their possession. It's usually insured and a 'damage report' (similar to the one used when you rent a truck or car) is completed and signed off on by you at the time of pick up and delivery of your car.

Some companies simply act like 'travel agents'. They arrange 'passage' for your car on a transporter that is going in the direction of where you want your car to end up. This sometimes can mean that your car is loaded and off-loaded several times onto different transporters to get it where you want it to go. Naturally, the more people that handle the car, the greater the chance of it getting damaged. When it does arrive at it's destination with a dent that wasn't there when you last saw it, whom do blame? With so many people involved, one points the finger at the other and so on, leaving you with a major headache and no one to accept liability.

The bottom line is use your discretion, and ask questions. It's very easy to be 'penny wise and pound foolish' with trucking companies. If the car has a few dings and dents in it anyway, go for the cheapest method. However, if your car is 'dent-free', spend the extra bucks and either take out an insurance policy that covers damage to the car whilst in transit, or use one of the companies that have their own trucks and are willing to cough up for any damage to the car that happens whilst it's in their care.

United States of America

Passport Transport
37 Progress Parkway
Saint Louis, Missouri 63043
Tel: 314 878 5777
Fax: 314 878 7295
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Reliable Carriers
41555 Koppernick Rd.
Canton MI 48187 USA
Tel: 734 453 6677
Fax: 734 433 8609
Goto Website  Send E-mail
Teeter Auto Transport, Inc
7545 Main Street
Ralston, NE 68127
Tel: 402 933 3618
Fax: 402 339 1185
Goto Website Send E-mail
InterCity Lines Inc.
552 Old West Brookfield Road
Warren, MA. 01083
Tel: 413 436 9511
Fax: 413 436 9422
Goto Website  Send E-mail

National Auto Transport, Inc.
P.O. Box 630850
Miami, Florida 33163
Fax: 305 945 5532
Goto Website Send E-mail

1A Auto Movers
1245 West Guadalupe Rd. SuiteB6
253 Mesa, AR 85202
Tel: 480 664 2238
Fax: 480 664 0207
Goto Website Send E-mail
Newman International Transport
101 East Kennedy Blvd,
Suite 4050
Tampa, FL 33602 USA
Tel: 813 221 5000
Fax: 813 224 9219
Goto Website Send E-mail
American Freight Services
19 Wyer Street
Weyers Cave, VA 24486
Tel: 540 234 9280
Fax: 540 234 0103
Goto Website Send E-mail
All American Auto Transport
7514 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 4050
Bethesda MD 20814
Tel: 800 942 0001
Fax:301 215 9215
Goto Website Send E-mail
Exotic Car Transport
880-C Maguire Road
Ocoee, FL 34761 USA
Tel: 407 654 9949
Fax:407 654 9951
Goto Website Send E-mail
Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS)
9208 Forney Road
Dallas, TX 75227 USA
Tel: 214 381 0181
Fax: 214 275 5165
Goto Website Send E-mail
Horseless Carriage Carriers
61 Iowa Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07503 USA
Tel: 973 742 2692
Fax: 973 742 8369
Goto Website Send E-mail
Weber Transports, Inc.
901 S. Custer #1
Weatherford, OK 73096
Tel: 580-772-5224
Fax: 580-774-2089
Goto Website Send E-mail
D&G Auto Transport
5514 Gaston Road
Eunice, MO 65468 USA
Tel: 417 932 521
Fax: 417 932 4264
Goto Website Send E-mail
A AAAdvantage Auto Transport Inc.
8290 South Hardy Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
Tel: 480 753 9000
Fax: 480 753 0765
Goto Website Send E-mail
Thomas C. Sunday
P.O. Box 217
New Kingstown, PA 17072 USA
Tel: 717 697 0939
Fax: 717 697 0727
Goto Website Send E-mail
Autobahn USA
12799 Archer Avenue,
Lemont, Illinois 60439
Tel: 630 257 1184
Fax: 630 257 1865
Goto Website Send E-mail
Blue Highways
P.O. Box 443, 1536 Highway 14
Knoxville, Iowa 50138
Tel: 641-828-7290
Fax: 641-828-2050
Goto Website Send E-mail

Mackie Moving Systems
933 Bloor St W
Oshawa, Ontario
CL1J 5Y7 Canada
Tell: 416-222-2266
Fax: 905-579-3180
Goto Website Send E-mail
L.Hansen's Forwarding Ltd.
105 Nashdene Road
Scarborough, Ontario
M1V 2W2 Canada
Tel: 416 293 9135
Fax: 416 293 1604
Goto Website Send E-mail
200 Waterfront Drive, Suite 201
Bedford, Nova Scotia
B4A 4J4, Canada
Tel: 902 832 1250
Goto Website Send E-mail
TFX International
12 Stoffel Drive,
Toronto, ON.
Canada. M9W 1A8
Tel: 416 243 8531
Fax: 416 243 8886
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United Kingdom
Bleak Cottages
Knighton Street,
North Wingfield,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
S42 5JA
Tel: 01246 857269
Goto Website Send E-mail
Vehicle Removals
Guinea Street
Tel: 0800 298 9045
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