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BMW World: - Featuring BMW's from the classics to the contemporary models.

Bobs Classics: - Selling used,turnkey replicas, kit cars,neo-classics,& special interest autos only. Always 25 in stock,located in hot,sunny,Clearwater, Florida. over 1200 sold to date.we buy, sell & trade, but we don't build cars or sell parts.

Body Kits: - A buyer's guide to car body kits, car rims, and accessories.

Books International: - One of the largest selections of transport books on the web

Box Wrench: - The first ever interactive DVD engine building tutorial. Including over 3 hours of footage and 3-D computer models which take you inside the motor and explain the inner workings of an engine and the rebuild process. - This is my Personal Collection of Classics. I have been collecting and racing Cars for 30 Years. I am now offering some of the collection for sale. Enjoy!

British Car Films: - A visual celebration of fifty years of Classic British cars in America!

British Car Keys: - Keys for British cars.

Brmm Brmm: - is dedicated to supporting the classic car community. If you have a passion for the old motors of yesteryear, then you are very welcome. Classic car groups get free web sites too!

Buick Parts , Inc.: - Over 1,000,000 Buick Parts. New, Used, New Old Stock (NOS), Quality Reproductions. Call us at (908) 369-3666 or visit our website!

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